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Check out these spotlights to learn more about STEM Without Boundaries and our team! If your organization or company would like to spotlight our work, please email us at
Article Name: Virtual STEM Nights Can Make STEM More Inclusive and Diverse
Published By: Megan Zhang from Talking Through Walls
Date: March 9, 2021
Video Name: STEM Without Boundaries Leaders Talk About Engaging Younger Generation in STEM Opportunities
Published By: Civic Center TV

Date: July 8th, 2021
2019-11-20 07.54.44.jpg
Article Name: Novi Students Raise Awareness About Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the STEM Field
Published By: Monica Drake from the Oakland Press
Date: December 16, 2020
Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar
Article Name: STEM Group Creates Online Tech Series for Students
Published By: Farmington Voice
Date: November 15, 2020
Article Name: Changemaker Spotlight: Aliyah Hirji & STEM Without Boundaries
Published By: Shaye Dipasquale at the Medium
Date: August 24, 2020
2019-11-20 08.17.13.jpg
Article Name: Maansi Nema & STEM Without Boundaries
Published by: Natasha Matta at the Medium
Published on: August 11, 2020
Article: Local Nonprofit Launches Video Series on STEM Careers, College Applications and More
Published By: Monica Drake from the Oakland Press 
Date: August 3, 2020
Clicking on a Tablet
2019-11-20 08.53.34.jpg
Article Name: Maansi Nema - A STEM Without Boundaries Story
Published By: STEAM Boston
Date: August 1, 2020
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