A place for families in your community to come together and explore different fields in STEM. Families can visit booths where universities, science centers, and businesses lead hands-on, interactive activities, live demos, and presentations! The beauty behind these STEM Nights is that students build meaningful relationships with the mentors and are able to see a diverse representation, showing students that STEM is for everyone. These nights are amazing; students walk away with new skills that they'll be able to apply inside the classroom and in the real world.

HOuston Area, 

When: March 15, 2022

Chapter Presidents:

Vishaka Motwani (Junior) 

Payal Motwani (Junior) 

Chapter's Mission: We are excited to interact with the students attending and help them learn more about STEM!
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Williamsburg, VA

When: March 26, 2022

Chapter President:

Madison Lilly (Junior)

Chapter's Mission: We are so excited to engage students with lots of new and amazing STEM presentations!
Englewood, NJ

When: April 21, 2022

Chapter President:

Numa Quraishi (Senior)

Chapter's Mission: Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces when they learn about STEM!
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