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Chapter Program Curriculum

If you would like to start a chapter, you will be a part of SWB's Chapter Program. The chapter program is usually 4 months long. During this time, you will attend weekly meetings where you will be lead by Directors of Communications who will provide you with one on one mentorship to help you host a successful STEM Night.


Chapter Presidents will have access to resources for hosting large-scale STEM nights, gain networking skills, valuable professional experience, learn how to lead an initiative, and build a team. You will empower communities, connect with companies, and receive the opportunity to earn a SWB scholarship. 

Be a leader in a nonprofit organization.


You'll receive extensive resources, earn recognition for your work, flexibility for determining your chapter program, and leadership experience. 

Why are STEM Nights important?

As technology continues to play a prominent role in our society, it is critical that students learn the skills to have an impact on our future. Giving students opportunities to thrive in STEM careers fosters a diverse and talented workforce, and prevents biases in these fields and the technologies they produce.

How do chapters work?

  • Chapter Presidents will attend weekly meetings and be a part of our SWB Chapter Program where they will have access to our mentors to plan their STEM Night.

  • All resources, materials, funding will be provided. 

  • One on one mentorship will give Chapter Presidents step by step training and a safe space to have their questions answered within 24 hours via Slack.

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