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chapter curriculum

When starting a SWB Chapter, a Chapter President attends a 16-week course.
This course is lead and guided by 7 Directors of Communications and 3 Executive Directors of Communications. Throughout this course, Chapter Presidents will learn how to host a Virtual STEM Night, reach out to organizations, obtain sponsors,

and more.


Chapter Presidents will have access to resources for hosting large-scale STEM nights, gain networking skills, valuable professional experience, learn how to lead an initiative, and build a team. You will empower communities, connect with companies, and much more. 

Be a leader in a nonprofit organization.


You'll receive extensive resources, earn recognition for your work, flexibility for determining your chapter program, and leadership experience. 

Why are STEM Nights important?

As technology continues to play a prominent role in our society, it is critical that students learn the skills to have an impact on our future. Giving students opportunities to thrive in STEM careers fosters a diverse and talented workforce, and prevents biases in these fields and the technologies they produce.

How do chapters work?

  • Chapter Presidents will attend monthly meetings with our mentors to plan their STEM Night.

  • Our Directors of Communications will provide sample agendas and materials to help you contact organizations, sponsors, and volunteers.

  • We will provide sample flyers, suggested emails, and event brochures to help you recruit students and attendees.

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