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STEM Without Boundaries Directors gain networking and leadership skills through being a part of the STEM Without Boundaries Leadership Team, as well as make new connections and impact their community in tremendous ways through the initiatives they organize and programs they design. Hear from some of our Directors below through their testimonials about their experiences being a part of the team. If you are interested in becoming a Director, we encourage all high school students to consider applying at the beginning of the next term.

Darveen An
Director of Social Media Marketing
  • Job: Creates engaging social media content for the Stem Without Boundaries’ Tiktok account.

  • Why SWB: Joined because of SWB’s promising mission of making STEM more accessible. She wanted to take on a new challenge. 

  • Term goals: To meet new people and create good social media content for SWB. 

  • Favorite project: Creating a Physics Tiktok

    • The team’s most popular tik tok yet with 14,000 views. It was simple, fun to film, and many users found it relatable.

  • Favorite memory: Icebreakers at Meetings

Sarah Mounajjed
Director of Chapter Operations
  • Why SWB: Provide students with opportunities not widely available. She is passionate about STEM equity and impacting the next generation of students

  • Current Goal: Helping her 3 Chapter Presidents successfully hold their STEM nights in March 2022!

  • Favorite Memory: Seeing her Chapter Presidents’ STEM Nights and how happy all the kids were. 

  • Tasks: As a Director of Chapter Operations, Sarah oversees a few SWB chapters and helps her Chapter Presidents hold their best possible STEM Night! 

Aditi Vishnubhatla
Director of Social Media Marketing
  • Job: Research for social media posts, make Tiktoks, and run an engaging social media platform.

  • Why SWB: Joined SWB because of the amazing mission

  • Term goals: Helping the Social Media Directors transition to learning different types of posts on different platforms

  • Favorite project: Creating TikTok spotlights​.

  • Favorite memory: The Zoom meetings and Facetime calls with the Social Media Director Team. 

Neha Chinimilli
Executive Director of Media
  • Job: To oversee other Directors of Media and also to assign and edit director's videos.

  • Why SWB: She really liked video editing so when she saw the opportunity for Media Director at SWB, she decided to apply. She also appreciated the goal to have more STEM awareness in our community.

  • Term goals: To have the Media team branch out and experiment with new things rather than just sticking with making videos. 

  • Favorite project: Making the STEM Night recap videos for the SWB chapters. 

  • Favorite memory: Bondings and playing guess who. 

Arya Kalathil
Director of Chapter Operations
  • Job: In charge of guiding and supporting Chapter Presidents of SWB. 

  • Why SWB: Gained interest in SWB particularly for the idea of being the bridge that facilitates STEM nights

  • Favorite project: Seeing the end results post-STEM night, with STEM Night photos.

  • Favorite memory: Seeing the visible excitement on the faces of participants with a craft activity that was simple yet connected to STEM. 

Medha Maroju
Director of Chapter Operations
  • Job: Works with chapter presidents and helps guide them through the process of hosting a STEM night in their community.

  • Why SWB: She decided to become a director because she really liked working with people and really believed in the mission of SWB.

  • Term goals: To create a strong relationship with her Chapter Presidents.

  • Favorite memory: Attending STEM nights that her chapter presidents had been working on for so long.

Reena Wang
Director of Mangement Team
  • Job: Helps foster a stronger community at SWB and maintain communication among the teams. She also helps host bonding sessions and create engaging projects to help improve the leadership team!

  • Why SWB: She wanted to share her passion for STEM and give back to a larger community. She really connects with SWB’s Mission and currently serves as a Chapter President. Last year she held her first STEM night! 

  • Term goals: Her goal this term is to help better integrate each team of the leadership team with one another. She wants leadership team function as a whole entity rather than small separate entities. 

  • Favorite memory: Bonding sessions she holds on the management team! 

Tejas Maroju
  • Job: Works with chapter presidents and helps guide them through the process of hosting a STEM night in their community.

  • Why SWB: Joined because of his passion for STEM and wanted to create opportunites to share his passion with those interested. 

Director of Chapter Operations
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Gabriella Lozano
Director of Technology
  • Job: Works with all members of the technology team. The technology team updates information on the website, adds new pages to showcase the projects we work on at SWB, and makes the website as easy to use and engaging as possible!

  • Why SWB: As an aspiring STEM major, she strongly supports SWB's goal and wants to work with the other teams  to reach and inspire more individuals and communities around the world. She also loves the uplifting and collaborative environment in which all teams and team members get to know each other and also work together on projects together.

  • Term goals: To update the Stem Nights page with relevant information so those viewing our website can plan for a stem night in their local community.

  • Favorite project: Giving the website a consistent theme with colors and fonts.

  • Favorite memory: The Technology team meetings when we all catch up with one another and talk. We really bond over AP Chemistry.

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